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Podcast five episodes in...

August 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone

Here I am with the 5th episode of the IAMLAKEWORTH podcast uploaded this morning.  You can listen to this week's interview with Jose Mendez here.  I am amazed by several things.  This first one should not surprise me by now, but the willingness of my Lake Worth neighbors to be involved in this part of the project and their overwhelming response to it makes me happy.  The other thing that surprises me is how much I enjoy doing the actual interviews.  Now that I have learned enough to be comfortable and do a decent job with the recordings I have really gotten into the conversations.  I have to take a moment to thank Jerry Kornbluth for his assistance and patience while I learned how to use Reaper which is an incredibly powerful digital audio workstation.  I now know exactly enough to be dangerous, but am comfortable enough in the program to edit my interviews and assemble the podcast for production.  Thanks Jerry for the daily emails of new shortcuts and tricks.  They have been invaluable.  I also have to thank Wendy.  The notes I got back from the first few interviews were not technical, but style instead.  Wendy's notes made me realize that my being prepared by having lists of questions was actually taking away from the podcast.  I was not fully engaged in the conversation.  Instead I was waiting for my subject to finish talking and then I'd jump into the next question.  I still do a little planning but I threw out the list of questions so I could have a real conversation and I feel like with Jerry and Wendy's help the podcast has improved by leaps and bounds over just five episodes.  Anyone from the first 36 IAMLAKEWORTH portraits who would like to be interviewed please let me know.  If you don't volunteer I'll be asking you soon enough anyway!  While I am on that subject it is time to start photographing IAMLAKEWORTH II.  Anyone interested in being part of the project please contact me by email or with a comment here and I will get the shoot scheduled.




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