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The big day has arrived!

July 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


The big day is here!  The opening of IAMLAKEWORTH is tonight.  Time to give thanks!  First I have to thank my lovely wife Wendy for all of her unwavering encouragement and support of all of my endeavors not just IAMLAKEWORTH.  Wendy is my Northstore and my rock.  Nothing is possible with out her.

Next I have to thank my sponsors for supporting the idea of IAMLAKEWORTH and helping make the show and the interview events possible!  So Thank you Hatch1121, LULA (Lake Worth Arts), Common Grounds and Mathews Brewing for all you have done.  It take a village to put on an art show!

I need to thank Emily, Susan and Jose at the HATCH  for all of their help.  With out you guys the show would not have a home or look so good.

Pamela DePalma needs a giant shout out.  She has been the PR / Social Media machine behind the scenes getting the word out about IAMLAKEWORTH.  Thank YOU pamela!

Lastly and certainly not least I need to thank Mary Lindsey,  Mary was the first person we met in Lake Worth when we moved here two years ago and has been the biggest cheerleader, supporter and friend in the two years it has taken to bring this little idea to fruition.

If you take any photos at the opening tonight make sure to use the #IAMLAKEWORTH hashtag so we can find them and share them!

IAMLAKEWORTH (and so are you)



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