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Shifting gears this week.

July 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Jerry teaching me to edit and produce audio for the podcast

This week with the show down and stored I am taking my foot off the gas just a little bit.  Wendy's sister Judy and her husband Rob are coming to day for a visit to explore Lake Worth.  We are really looking forward to spending time with them.  My foot is not fully off the gas though, my friend and sound engineer extraordinaire Jerry Kornbluth worked with me assembling the finished version of Jen Walls interview.  It is now up on ITUNES .  We spent about four hours yesterday using Reaper (digital audio workstation) software.  We ended the session with a template we both like for me to use with the interviews.  I will ad this bit of professional polish to the photographer's roundtable and Jerris Evans' interviews before heading out with my recorder to do short interviews with the people photographed in IAMLAKEWORTH I.  My goal and one I will try to stick to is release an new episode of the podcast every Thursday, while also shooting for IAMLAKEWORTH II.  

Speaking of IAMLAKEWORTH II.  I want to get back to doing some of the images on film so look for me to be shooting my Pentax 645 and maybe even the Crown Graphic 4x5" camera I shot at the 4th of July parade.  There will be plenty of digital from my Canon as well as the results were great and the turn around very fast.   Enjoy your week!  I will drop those re-edited interviews and look for the first new podcast episode to be out on Thursday, August 2nd.







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