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A Little Link Crazy Today!

July 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


As promised here are links to books and artists that Jen Walls mentioned during our interview at HATCH1121 this week.  I have my summer reading all picked out.  I will be reading the two books and talking about them here in the next few weeks.

Jen Walls

A Clear Seeing Place

Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

Jesse Reno

Stan Kurth

Also I posted the podcast of my interview with Jerris 'Quick the Poet' Evans this morning.  All three interviews are now available on the IAMLAKEWORTH podcast.


Quick the Poet Interview

The exhibit is going into its last weekend at the HATCH. I am still absorbing everything from this phase of the project and excited that it will continue and grow to be a great thing for the city of Lake Worth.  The podcast is just one way it will continue.  While I am photographing the next group of subjects I am working on recording all 36 of the original subjects in a series of short interviews that will be broadcast weekly.  News about where and when you can see IAMLAKEWORTH II will be posted here in the next couple of weeks.



Carl Stoveland



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