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A couple of reasons why I plan an IAMLAKEWORTH II

July 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Vinnie CernigliaOne that I regret did not get into this round of IAMLAKEWORTH is Vinnie Cerniglia

I have four reasons now why I want to do an IAMLAKEWORTH II.  First there are some that I shot that I just could not fit into this show that I like very much and agonized over keeping them out.  Vinnie Cerniglia (and his wife Mel) can be seen all over Lake Worth performing and being involved.  This shot of Vinnie was from the Women's March in WPB.  Mel and Vinnie are not just great Lake Worthians but great citizens wherever they go.  They are actively involved in the Florida Folk Festival and Clearwater festival in NY.  Vinnie is just one example.  I have many photos of folks who are great Lake Worthians and deserve their time to be recognized by the project.  Second the sample size is just too small.  36 photos is about one tenth of one percent of the folks who live here and while this group of 36 stand out to me as people engaged in the city when I moved here there are so many more yet to be added.  Third when folks saw the show they loved it but said hey what about this person or that person.  All I can say to that is I agree and I'm not done yet.  That said this is my project and while I will endeavor to be fair editorial control of the IAMLAKEWORTH exhibit stays with me.  Lastly I think it would be great for Lake Worth if we could make a glorious coffee table book out of the project where some of the profits can be directed back to something that needs to be done in the city.  I think a book of that scope needs more people and their thoughts about lake worth.  So expect to see me out and about with my camera even more when the show comes down.  I am working on adding an online system where people can sign up and write their quote ahead of time rather than be forced to scribble on a piece of paper in the hot sun after I take the photo.  Look for that to be in place before the show at the Hatch comes down.  

Once again I really need to say how moved I was by the turn out for the opening on Friday night.  I certainly felt the love from Lake Worth for my little project.

Remember we are not done by a long shot.  Tomorrow Wed 7/11 from 7-8 pm is the first of our 'Artists getting Coffee at the Gallery' interview series.  First in the hot seat is Quick the Poet.  Following closely after on Thursday 7/12 from 7-8 the tables get turned and Blanche Williams from Jazz on J Street interviews me and local photographers Shawn Moss, Adriano Ficarelli and Tom Johnson in a wide ranging conversation.  Closing out the series on Tuesday the 17th is my interview with painter Jen Jovan Walls.  Jen is a fabulous painter and amazing marketer of her work.  Artists will want to make sure they see Jen's interview as she will tell you some of the things that get her work noticed besides her artistic talent.  


IAMLAKEWORTH (and so are you)!



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