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Photographic Approach to IAMLAKEWORTH

June 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

two of my film cameras used in the IAMLAKEWORTH project

a Pentax 645N medium format camera and a Konica TC 35mm camera


Today at 'Countdown to IAMLAKEWORTH' I wanted to chat about my approach to the project as a photographer.  In my work as a professional portrait and headshot photographer I tend to shoot stylized images where I have tight control over the lighting I use.  Building an image this way can be great fun, but requires a lot of space and control over light.  IAMLAKEWORTH is more of a 'person in the street' project so I have tended to shoot more natural images in casual or unposed situations.  This has been great for me as a photographer to keep my compositional skills sharp.  The nature of the project also made me decide to shoot some of the images on film cameras.  The truth is I still love shooting film and I have a bunch of film cameras so why not, after all it is my project.  I did more film early in the project when I had time to wait two weeks for a roll of film to be mailed, developed, scanned and uploaded back to me.  As the clock is looming closer and closer to show time I am shooting more digital.  I am keeping the feel of film though.  I am shooting more like a street photographer.  I shoot a fast prime (non zoom) lens of 50mm usually wide open for a soft background and the subject the star of the photo.  The show will be a mix of B&W and color depending on what works better to tell the subject's story and build the overall portrait of Lake Worth.  Photographing IAMLW has been great fun.  I have just a couple of more people to shoot this week and then all of the photography is done.  I can't wait top share the show with you all.


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