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When I moved to Lake Worth with my wife Wendy and our two cats(Penny and Pumpkin) two years ago I fell in love with this town.  The artistic vibe, the cool downtown and the proximity to the beach, really what's not to love?  The real thing I fell in love with was the people.  This quirky little city has spirit and is filled with people willing to get involved.  Early on without any concept of what the end result would be I decided that I would make a virtual portrait of the city by taking photos of the people who live, work and play here and ask each of them what makes Lake Worth special...

Now nearly two years later this labor of love will be unveiled on July 6th at Hatch1121.  Holy crap that's only 32 days from now!!!  There is so much to do and I know the time will fly.  So I have decided to document the day to day of the month leading up to the show.  For my artist friends you will recognize all to well the stress and anxiety of the homestretch leading up to opening night.  From now thru the run of the show I will do a daily blog post of the triumphs, trials and tribulations of putting on a show and give a glimpse behind the curtain of what goes on in this artist's mind.  You have been warned!

Before I go any further some thanks have to be doled out.

Thanks To....

Wendy for putting up with my restless artistic spirit bouncing from idea to idea all these years.  None of it works without you Babe!

My friends at Social House who offered so much support for the initial idea that I got my butt in gear and actually started shooting the project.

LakeWorthArts(LULA) for seeing what I was doing and giving me a space to share this photographic love letter to Lake Worth.

Blanche Williams and Jazz on J Street for allowing me to shoot your jazz jams and help me distill what my vision for IAMLAKEWORTH would become.

Common Grounds Coffee House for sponsoring the 'Artists in a Gallery Having Coffee' interview series we will put on at Hatch1121 during the exhibit.

There are so many more I will try my best to remember them as I make these posts up to and through the exhibit.


Keep Makin' Art!



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