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Did you ever notice?

June 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Last night at Jazz on J Street, Lake Worth


Question for my artist friends out there... Did you ever notice the closer you get to hanging a new show the better your new work gets?  This is something that happens over and over.  I have had the images for IAMLAKEWORTH more or less locked in for a month now.  Last night I went to Jazz on J Street like I do every time I'm in town on a 3rd Tuesday.  I decided to go out of my normal shooting style and go for a more fast candid approach.  It really pushes the limits of the camera considering the light in the room and the chance to have blurred shots of the people who move around while they play.  The pay off was some of my best Jazz on J shots yet.  So now I'm thinking about adding a few more photos to the show.  I'm not complaining mind you its a great problem to have.  It just seems that when I am dialed in working on a show my shooting goes up another notch.  Who knows why.  I do not question the muse or assume I can control it.  I was just wondering if you have experienced this?

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