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Remembering Dad

April 08, 2018  •  2 Comments

Green Cay Wetlands

4x5 Crown Graphic with Ilford FP4 film

Sorry for the long gap in posting.  I have kept up with social media but the blog has suffered a bit of neglect at my hands.  Life sometimes has a way of pulling me out of the studio and then pushing me back in.  In the past couple of months I have been flitting around from digital painting, acrylic painting, digital photography including Infrared and film photography mostly with a 4X5" Crown Graphic press camera made in the 1950s.  A couple of things happened that got the shift back to photography moving.  I had gone to the spring open house at Clyde Butcher's Big Cypress Gallery and and fell in love with large format B&W photography all over again.  Until recently the biggest film I had been shooting was 120 roll film.  Now my freezer is stocked with 4x5 inch B&W film.  After going to the gallery I was editing some photos I had taken around the swamp next to the gallery and my Dad called.  It was not uncommon... Dad called to chat every time Mom was out of the house for five minutes.  I shared with Dad what I had seen at the gallery and was all excited to dig out my 4x5 and start playing in the Everglades.  Dad told me of having the same 4x5 camera I now have and that he had the kit that turned the camera into an enlarger.  He and my Uncle Eddie would got to dances and take photos and then rush home to develop and print the photos.  Sometimes they made it back to the dance by the end of the night.  We had a laugh over the idea of being that quick with a 4x5 camera.  The original 1 hour photo.  My dad passed away the next day.  I am glad we had one of our chats the day before.  He was always so supportive of all of my efforts.  I am sitting here now thinking of the three summers I worked by my Dad's side at the photo lab he worked at.  My love of photography comes from my Mom being a photographer and painter when I was young and the times as a kid I sat on a stool in the corner of my Dad's darkroom and the magic would happen.  So out of that sad event of Dad passing film photography has elbowed its was back to the top of the list of my artistic pursuits at least for a little while.  I have a show in July to prepare for of my I AM LAKE WORTH series, but for right now I am heading into nature with my cameras.  Tomorrow I am heading out into Big Cypress Swamp with a guide.  I will shoot digital for this first foray out into the swamp, but next time I'll be heading out with my 4x5.  Shooting 4X5 film is a deliberate process and forces you to clear your mind and slow down.  I shot 14 sheets of film last weekend at Corkscrew Swamp in Naples.  I am really looking forward to seeing those negatives and sharing them with you.  Tomorrow's journey will be mostly about infrared B&W which is perfectly suited to the swamp.  I'll be shooting in late afternoon so I'll shoot some color too as the light gets golden and starts to slant in from the west.  What I really look forward to is editing and finding that one image it will be the one that I would print and show Dad.  I'll here him saying "Great shot kid!" in my head while I edit.

Fear not I have not abandoned my other pursuits.  Painting and digital painting will be showing up again in my feed soon, but for now I'm having fun with my cameras.


Keep Makin' Art!



Carl Stoveland Photo and Art
Thanks for the great memories Clara. They mean so much.
Clara Whitton(non-registered)
I know we have never met at least not as adults. I always remember your dad taking pictures, having them developed and sharing with the family. Many years ago before Rita passed away your dad and mom had brought old pictures of the family. Mostly mine. Of which I had never seen and or did not remember. Just recently as you know your mom sent me photos that she had scanned of my mom, dad, Grandma Emilia, Thom and myself. I loved seeing them. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. As we get older we cherish things more and realize how short life is. As a kid I always looked up to your dad. As you following in his footsteps made him very proud and your mom too. Keep up the good work and you know for a fact he will be beside you saying great shot kid. Glad you had that last conversation with your dad before he passed away.. You will never forget that. Keep up the good work. Your dad is especially proud
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