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Artistic Identity Crisis

March 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Parking Structure Detail - Worth Ave Palm Beach parking structure detail

Worth Avenue - Palm Beach

I'm having a wee bit of an artistic identity crisis... Some asked me recently what I did and I blurted out and rambled on for 5 minutes every medium I work in.  That is about right too as I am lurching from painting to photography to digital painting.  I am just going to call myself an artist going forward.  What medium I create in does not matter to me as long as it speaks to me and hopefully the viewer (and hopefully buyers) of my art.  Sometimes I don't even know what hat I will be wearing when I pull out of the driveway in the morning.  Today my goal was to find interesting people and compositions for paintings.  I headed out to ritzy Worth Ave in Palm Beach to find some characters.  Just my camera and three lenses.  The first thing I noticed was this light in a parking structure about 50 feet from the sidewalk and suddenly fine art photographer was the mode I found myself in.  I really have no right to complain and I am not about this embarrassment of artistic riches.  I'm simply marveling at how I see the world when the creative juices are flowing.  Now back to looking through my photos to see if I found anything I want to paint.


Keep Makin' Art!



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