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January 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Kitchen Still Life #2

Digital Painting

Hello Art Friends

I knew eventually my journey into digital painting would take me to still life work.  Today's lesson is in persistence.  Yesterday I noticed some onions and garlic in my kitchen I had bought and thought they would make a great still life.  I took out my camera and then set out at my computer to paint.  Yesterday I loved it. I had successfully captured what onions and garlic look like on a dark background.  This morning I looked at the painting from yesterday and was less happy with it.  In fact I realized it was just a study and needed to be done with a better composition.  So I set up the same items this time with an old crock I normally keep soap and my dish sponges in.  I decided I wanted to really make an interesting composition that looked like an old masters painting.  Once I had the photo the way I wanted I set out to painting on my computer.  I am so glad I went back and revisited the subject.  Today's I really love.  I should really remember this because as a photographer I will return to the same site over and over again until I really get the photo I see in my head.  I have to remember to do the same when I paint.  We don't only get one crack at a subject.  

Tomorrow I will be framing my pieces for the Art of Jazz on J Street show and plowing through my next class for school.  I do have a portrait painting I did over the holidays queued up to write about so I will take a break and get that posted.

What lessons do you find yourself learning over and over again?

Keep Makin' Art!



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