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IPad Pro Drawing

January 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Digital drawings done on iPad Pro with Procreate and the Apple Pencil

Hello Art Friends!

We have company this week so I have less access to my Mac which is in our guest room.  That is ok though as I have discovered a whole new way to create and I am loving it.  It will go right up there with the paintings I do on my Mac.  Last Friday night I took a workshop at Clay Glass Metal and Stone Gallery in Lake Worth with artist Jeffrey Weiner.  It was on Life Drawing with the iPad,  It was such a game changer!  I have the power to do almost everything I do drawing and painting wise on my mac in a small enough screen to take with me and draw on yet small enough to not be a burden.  The apple pencil is the real star it is quick and responsive and feels great for drawing and painting.  I have not gotten out and sketched live models yet, but with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil using the Procreate App.  I have been able to produce these beauties based on photos I have taken of musicians.  I have musicians on my brain right now with the Art Meets Jazz on J Street show opening this Tuesday at the gallery.  The app is easy enough to start using, but is very powerful it may take me weeks to find all of the great tools built in.  Painting and my mac will continue to be my focus as I launch my digital portrait painting service, but the iPad and pencil is an awesome combination and I plan to use it often.

Keep Makin' Art!



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