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A good weekend

January 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Canon AE-1

This was a good weekend!  I did very little of the work I had planned but I learned something new and acquired one of my bucket list cameras.  Friday night I took a class at Clay, Glass, Metal & Stone Gallery (Also home to Jazz on J Street).  The class was on life drawing with your iPad, taught by Jeffrey Weiner.  I had used the early drawing apps on the iPad and found them fun but not of much use for what I was trying to do.  In the class we used the Procreate App and a stylus.  The app supports layers, importing photos and has a full suite of drawing and painting tools.  It was a bit of a game changer because now I could see a path to doing the drawing and painting I do on my Mac but out on location.  The screen on my iPad Air is a bit small, but It can be dome.  I also test drove the app on the iPad Pro with the Apple pen.  That is a seriously good combination.  I have been experimenting all weekend with painting on my iPad and you may see some work from me done on the iPad in the near future.

Next up was I acquired one of my bucket list cameras.  The venerable Canon AE-1!  I had always wanted one, but by the time I was buying my own cameras to work with AutoFocus had changed everything.  I have been shooting Canon cameras since the early 1990's, but somehow the AE-1 never made it into my collection that is until yesterday when my friend Blanche contacted me and said she had some old cameras to donate and would I like them including an AE-1.  I jumped at the chance.  I already loaded the camera up with a fresh roll of Portra 800.  Don't be surprised if you see me with it around town this week.  I had the option to get the AE-1 as my first SLR (not counting my Mom's old EXA I cut my teeth on).  Christmas my Jr year of high school my folks were getting me my first camera.  I knew the AE-1 because of the countless TV and print ads for it and the legendary Canon lenses.  I had mentioned it was the one I wanted.  My Mom is nothing if not thoughtful in her research.  About a month before Christmas My Mom gave me a choice.  I could get the AE-1 with a 50mm lens for Christmas or the Konica TC with the 40mm lens and a zoom lens and a flash.  The AE-1 was a status symbol for the photo kids in school and part of me wanted wanted that, but Mom showed me the lens lineups of the two cameras and the reviews.  It turns out the TC is just as good a camera.  It also had a fully mechanical metal shutter instead of the electronic cloth shutter of the AE-1.  I learned a great lesson and chose the Konica for it's substance and value.  Did I make the right choice?  You tell me.  I still have the Konica and 5 lenses for all super fast and sharp.  So yeah, I did.  It was the right choice for me.  That said a little part of me has always wanted an AE-1.  Now I have one and am going to shoot it right along with my trusty old Konica when I shoot 35mm film.

That said.  I did none of the work I planned on the weekend so today is a catchup day for school etc.

Keep Makin' Art!



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