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December 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Woman at the Norton Musem - Digital Painting

Hello my art friends!

What's on my mind today you ask?  Well since I have a blog at my disposal I'll tell you.  Creativity that's what's on my mind.  Yesterday I went to the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach for the first time since moving to Florida.  I have been meaning to go for a while.  While its new wing is under construction entrance is free so even more reason to go.  While not a huge museum the quality of the work in the collection rivals many much larger museums.  I assume this is due to many benefactors who live nearby in Palm Beach.  I brought my camera because I love to watch people look at art it fascinates me.  I hoped to get a few reference shots and someday do a painting of someone looking at art.  By the end of the day I had created this painting and saw another series forming in my mind.  That would be about five series I am currently working on in painting and photography.  That brings us back around to creativity.  I am going through one of those phases in my life where ideas are coming at me from all directions.  I have projects lined up like 747s trying to land at a busy airport and I have to manage them like an air traffic controller so they don't all crash.  It takes keeping an eye on all of them and giving each the attention they need to keep moving forward.  This is in no way a problem in fact this is what I want as an artist.  Ideas and activity lead to more ideas.  It is the times when there are no ideas that terrify me as an artist.  Questions like what if I never have another idea again? start to creep into your head and when they get there they can fester and let doubt in.  I find during active creative times it would never cross my mind to ask if somebody is going to like what I am doing, but when you are low on ideas and doubt has set anchor you can find a dozen reasons like that to not try what could be a good idea.  What is an artist to do?  First keep actively working even if it is producing work on a project you thought was done.  Activity and work leads to slowing down your brain and ideas can take hold like light in the darkness.  So if you are in the midst of a creative storm take advantage of it.  If you have too many ideas write them down in a journal so you can look them over when the creativity bucket is dry.  If you are grasping for ideas do some work.  I like to stretch watercolor paper or review images I took a year or more ago to see if I missed some winners that will lead to something.  Do whatever you have to to catch and ride the creative spark.  It is better than just about any other feeling I can think of.


Keep Making' Art!



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