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One scene four interpretations

December 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The same barn on Rt 5&20 in Lima, NY rendered four ways.

Hello Art Friends!

As promised, here is the yellow barn I shot on my Thanksgiving trip to NY, done as a photo, a digital painting, a watercolor and an acrylic.  What an interesting exercise and one I recommend to everyone who works in multiple mediums.  I think I am most pleased with the acrylic as I just started working in that medium a few months ago and I see real progress here.  That said there are things I like about each of them.  It is funny that I attack each medium differently.  I have been painting watercolor for a while now and my style is somewhat illustrative and always has been.  That does not carry over to the digital or acrylic there I am more painterly.  I like the choice in the acrylic to be less fussy with the ground and instead for the blends and the warm glazes to bring out the glow.  The acrylic is the last of the four I did and I think I learned what I wanted it to like like with each iteration.  for the watercolor I measured everything and used a grid to get the shapes.  When it came time for the acrylic I simply drew the shapes in with a small brush.  I think this leads to more feeling and less trying to recreate an image but instead capture a feeling.  In the end I am happy with all of them and glad I challenged myself.  How do you challenge yourself as an artist?

Keep Makin' Art!



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