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Of lemons and lemonade

December 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Couple admiring Hopper's August in the City at the Norton

Digital Painting

Woman in Yellow Dress at the Norton

Digital Painting

Hello Art Friends,

So today was a good news bad news day.  Bad news first.  I was notified today my pieces were not selected for Art Synergy at Art Palm Beach.  I'm a bit bummed, but have been on a lucky streak so can't take the news too badly.  I will attend the show and look at what was accepted and see what I can learn for next time.  Part of being an artist and participating in juried shows is rejection.  You can let it stop you or you can use it as a learning experience and grow from it.  Every artist I know has a pile of rejections from shows.  It is part of the life.  On to the good news.  One of my digital paintings has been purchased by the the Lake Worth CRA to be used in their program of wrapping art around traffic control boxes.  I'm honored to be chosen and will share it as soon as it is installed.  The subject is a digital painting of one of the cottages of Lake Worth.

I decided to go to the Norton Museum today to visit my favorite Hopper painting called August in the city.  I love all of Edward Hopper's work but he captured summer light in the city perfectly.  The color and light in this painting are perfect I can spend hours looking at this painting and there is something wonderful about seeing great art up close and in person.  The Cherry on the my Sundae at the Norton was I was able to add these two digital paintings to my ' at the Norton' series.  Tomorrow I will tackle the yellow barn acrylic I deftly avoided starting today.  I was just not ready, but think I have a plan for attacking it now.

Keep Making' Art!



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