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Looking for inspiration.

December 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

At the Food Truck Invasion.... Choices Choices

Digital Painting

In my last post I spoke of the fleeting nature of inspiration.  Today I'm thinking about those times when the big white canvas (or computer screen) is staring at you.  I don't know about you but when that moment hits that you have no idea what to paint or photograph or write etc etc.  It can stretch out and set up shop in your studio.  Once the block sets in it can be tough to shake.  What do I do when this happens?  Honestly whatever it takes to find the spark.  Some of the things I have been known to do are.

  1. return to an old work you never finished and try attacking it with fresh eyes.  
  2. By a book or watch a youtube video on a subject or technique you want to learn.
  3. Do something else creative... Cook, play an instrument etc.
  4. Take a class.  Sometimes hanging out with other artists you can catch their creativity.
  5. Play music you like.  I have been know to play Taylor Swift's Shake it off at high volume and dance around the studio. (Don't judge me!)
  6. one thing I like to do is shoot fun colorful scenes like the food truck invasion or carnivals.  Looking for compositions in the chaotic light and color usually helps me find my creativity if it's gone out for a walk and didn't tell me.

What are some of the things you do to jump start your creativity and be able to reconnect with your muse?

Keep Making' Art!



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