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Keeping an eye on the art

December 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Guard at the Norton Museum

Hello Art Friends!


Today's offering is another painting from the Norton Museum.  I really liked the pose and posture of the guard and found he made for a great subject.  I shot the images in the museum with my Canon 5D and a 50mm f1.4 lens so I could shoot hand held and grab quick shots.  I did find the 50mm a bit tight in some of the galleries and may try the 40mm next time, but will carry the 50 also since I'm not sure I want to give up the two stop speed difference between the lenses.

I won't post any art work again until Monday or Tuesday so I can work on my barn paintings in watercolor and acrylic.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Keep Making' Art!



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