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Food truck invasion

December 12, 2017  •  2 Comments

Three new digital paintings from last nights food truck invasion.

I love shooting the monthly Monday food truck invasion in Lake Worth for the same reason I love photographing carnivals.  There are lights, color, motion and people.  In other words they make perfect subjects for colorful, loose abstract paintings.  I took these three images last night and lost all sense of time while I was working on the paintings.  In that way painting and digital art are exactly the same  I absolutely love getting lost in the work.  It was fun to see some people bundled up like a blizzard was on its way.  It was about 60 degrees out.  I'm finally not sweating and everyone else is freezing.  Ah South Florida!  I am going to have to work on one of these as an acrylic painting soon and see how it turns out.

One painter I really admire is Patti Mollica.  She paints street scenes and still lifes and all manner of paintings.  She is incredibly good at getting her shapes right and values correct.  Since she gets those parts so good she can play with the colors in a more abstract manner.  I started to play with that technique in a painting I have not shown you all yet.  I will do a post about it when I'm sure it is done.  I am finding the more control I get over my digital paintings means the more they become my personal statements and are less related to the photos they are based on.  right now I am soaking up everything I am seeing and making paintings my style of digital paintings will grow from all of the experimenting I am doing now.  I wonder where my digital paintings will in a year.  rich with detail and printed very large or abstract and fun or something else.  I am certain people will still be a big part of my painting.  As much as I love Edward Hopper as a painter his people always seemed so isolated and lonely to me.  I like to show people interacting and involved with each other in their lives.  That said sometimes the single solitary figure lost in thought can be fun too.

Since it cool out this week I will head to the Four Arts Sculpture Garden for some new inspiration and of course I'll stop at the Norton Museum as well.  Tonight Lake Worth is lighting Hanukkah menorah so I will take some photos of that as well for my everyday Lake Worth Series.  Tomorrow I am doing some photos for the IAMLAKEWORTH project as well.  I should have new images to share all week.  I really love this festive time of year.

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Carl Stoveland Photo and Art
Thanks Glo! Nice to meet you too. I hope you enjoy the blog as I write about diving into digital painting and acrylics to add to my photography and watercolors. I also will be writing about work life balance as I have recently gone back to school (on line) and will be adding a full time job to the mix in the near future.

Glo Sollecito(non-registered)
Hi Carl, Just discovering you and your art. I love your work and focus on Lake Worth. I love our town too and find it so inspiring for my art and business as a local designer. I look forward to seeing what you share
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