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Feeling the Love!

December 20, 2017  •  2 Comments

Electric Signal Box wrapped with one of my digital paintings

Corner of Fordham and Dixie Highway in Lake Worth

I am certain the game of life and a working artist is not won with hail Mary passes but instead by accumulating the yardage play after play after play and day after day.  That said I have felt my art life and my creativity take flight and soar in the short time we have been here in Lake Worth, Florida.  Never have I felt welcomed and embraced as an artist the way I have been here.  Just a little over a year ago when we were considering moving to Lake Worth I remember seeing the utility boxes around town wrapped in local art from scenes of the pier to the little free libraries.  So when the CRA contacted me about using one of my local digital paintings all I can say is I was thrilled.  The feeling I got when I was driving down Dixie Highway this afternoon and saw my image wrapped around the utility box was amazing.  I pulled over and took the pixs you see here to share with you all on the interwebs, but by the time i got home it had already been posted and shared around Facebook by my good friend Mary Lindsey.  Talk about feeling loved by my adopted home town!  Momentum is in my favor right now,   It is not even 2018 and am booked for a group show in January and two solo shows which will be in the summer and fall.  Today I am truly counting my blessings and since this blog is about my work / art / life balance I am also happy to report that I finished my first course in project management in a series I am taking from Cornell university and scored 100% on the first class.  One down and four to go!

Keep Makin' Art!



Carl Stoveland Photo and Art
Thank You Mary! So glad to have found this wonderful weird town to call home and have friends like you!
Mary Lindsey
Love This!! What a great addition to the North end of the City, having Carl as our neighbor who lives just few blocks from where this located and the art itself!
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