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Digital paintings from the Society of the Four Arts

December 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Two digital paintings from the garden of the Society of the four Arts in Palm Beach.

Hello art friends!

After the raucous and colorful digital paintings of the food trucks I posted yesterday, today I offer you more traditional fare.  I captured the photos for both of these at one of my favorite spots on Palm Beach.  The sculpture garden at the Society of the Four Arts is a beautiful spot to enjoy art outdoors with beautiful sculpture and a nice manicured grounds.  For these images I wandered around and asked people if I could take their picture and that is was for an art project I am calling Everyday Palm Beach.  So far everyone I have asked has been flattered and said yes.  I waited quite a while for the right subject to sit down on that bench in the dappled light of the pergola.  Both of these paintings to me are important as I am developing my style.  I am playing with different brush strokes and brushes.  It is very funny that in 25 years of using photoshop I used one brush for the first 24.  I found I could do everything with a soft round brush.  Now that I am painting in photoshop and thanks to Adobe adding the amazing Kyle brushes to their tools I am playing with dozens of brushes.  The hard part is remembering which ones they are.  Hint set up a folder of your favorite brushes.  Copy ones you like as you use them and give them meaningful names.  That will make them easier to find.  Think of it as the digital equivalent of rooting around in your brush can or jar looking for the the right brush and you'll get the idea.  I know I am at a watershed moment because I am departing from the photos in my color choices and composition.  Rarely is a photo perfect for a painting.  I am starting to trust my painting skills and my photoshop skills enough to make structural changes and paint over and adjust areas until I have them just the way I want.  I n that way there photos are truly just a jumping off point for me now.  My next challenge will be to 'paint' one of the portraits i have taken with my camera.  I'll share soon.


Keep Making' Art!



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