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What does the Ibis Say?

November 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Three Ibis' in the rain

Canon 5D 200mm f2.8

The Ibis says "Umbrellas we don't need no stinkin' Umbrellas."  I don't know how funny that is, but is what I was thinking when I got the shot.  I just love this photo.  It is one of those moments you have to be ready for.  To capture the raindrops you need a telephoto lens set to wide open in this case f2.8 fo give a narrow depth of field so you get sharp and blurry drops in the same photo.  you also need a fast shutter speed.  I used 1/1600th second to freeze the rain in place.  All that was passing through my mind as I walked past the ibis' on my way to shelter from a sudden rain.  When I got to the shelter I found a spot near the birds and sat down and remained still for a bit while I set my camera.  Then when the time was right I raised the camera and got the shot before the birds walked away.

I have been thinking of what I want to do with the blog for the last day or so.  I have photography, painting, digital art, projects and shows to talk about.  I thought about being structured and posting 5 times a week one topic for each day of the week.  It is neat and tidy, but I do not work that way.  I will fall down the rabbit hole and do only one type of work for weeks at a time as seen recently with my exploration of digital painting.  So, it will be more free form and will follow what I am currently thinking or working on.

So on that front my topic for today will be art shows.  I set aside the noise in my head this week and applied for one of the juried shows during Art Palm Beach in January.  I applied for Art Synergy.  I entered three of my infrared photos.  They are local scenes with a different twist from the infrared spectrum.  Recent success in an infrared photography show in Vermont gave me the courage to enter something into Art Synergy.  Here is my point about all this.  One thing leads to another.  I have been in several shows at Clay Metal Glass Stone Gallery in Lake Worth this summer and sold several pieces.  That lead to applying for the Juried IR Show at Photo Place Gallery in Vermont and now applying to Art Synergy.  I am excited and hopeful about this show as it draws 1000's of art buyers and collectors every year over its weekend run.  Build on small successes and stretch yourself you will be amazed at the heights you can attain! As the old saying goes how does one eat an elephant..... One bite at a time. 

Keep Making' Art!




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