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No More Mr Nice Guy

November 17, 2017  •  2 Comments

Lake Worth Pier Before Sunrise

Digital Painting

Hello Friends,

I had a squabble with a painter friend of mine last week.  I had mentioned the digital paintings I have been doing, was I fishing for a compliment from an artist I respect?  Maybe.  I am as guilty as anyone of needing affirmation for the art I bravely put out into the world.  To my surprise I did not get the praise I was after.  Instead she poo-poo'd it and dismissively said well that's not art and other painters would not like it.  I mentioned a squabble earlier... well maybe the squabble was in my head where most of the confrontation in my world resides.  I am still going to claim victory and depart the field of battle.  Here's why. In the past I would have let the slight bother me and I would have taken it as gospel truth.  God knows I would not want to insult an oil painter (queue self righteous musical flourish).  That is old thinking and I don't have time for it.  I can't limit my creative vision based on somebody else's opinions that come from a place of fear of being left behind or made irrelevant.  That is their issue and not mine.  I did not intend this post to be a rant and I promise it won't all be.  The moral of this little tale is don't give a fiddler's fart to other people's opinions.  Be true to yourself and let your vision guide you.  Creating the work that is screaming to get out of you is honest and authentic and will get you the audience your art needs.  That said the 80/20 rule (I am trying to live by these days) which is as a working artist 20% of your time should be spent on creating and 80% on marketing activities, but that is a whole other blog post for another day.  The truth is the art world is a big place and their is room enough for all artists.  just imagine if the the first Pixar movies had never been made because cell animators would be phased out.  By allowing technology to become part of the process nothing was destroyed.  We have a whole new world digitally animated films beloved by millions and we have a whole new respect for hand drawn films.  There is enough room for everyone.  I am a photographer, watercolorist, digital artist and starting to master acrylic painting.  I will use whatever medium or all of the media that is best suited to create my art because at the end of the day it is my art.  OK mild rant over.

Now onto what I wanted to talk about.  You guessed it digital painting.  It is a topic I will return to a lot in future posts.  Today it is about what inspired me to create paintings on my computer.  It all started when I saw the trailer for the movie 'Loving Vincent'.  It is a movie about Vincent Van Gogh created by painting the entire movie.  Now this was made with a huge number of original oil paintings, but shown in  a whole new way.  I loved the look and wanted to see if I could do something similar with my photos.  I had as far back as the 1990's made digital fantasy landscapes with photoshop and an application called Bryce.  They were great, but did not look like paintings,  I am now laughing remember having to render images overnight on my pentium II computer with 16mb of ram.  We have come such a long way in such a short time.  Anyway using photoshop I set out to try to paint some of my photos and have found a whole new voice to let my art out into the world with.  Many friends have asked how I Make the paintings when they see them posted on social media.  I'm not going to give away any secrets here.  It requires a lot of Photoshop and a few plugins, mostly it is 23 years using Photoshop and already being a painter and photographer.  Sorry there is no one button you can push and out pops a painting of your photo.  At least not one I have been satisfied with yet!  I can imagine a day not too far off when you will pick your photo and then pick an artist whose style you want the painting in and presto.  It is not here yet.  Painters do not fear this day.  It will raise awareness about art and people will discover the joy of pushing paint around on a canvas.  Nothing will ever beat that.  The painting I posted today is of Lake Worth Pier in the predawn hours.  There was so much great light and movement going on in the photo I knew it would make a great painting.  Yes I am calling these paintings my choice!  It is part of a series of digital paintings I am doing around Lake worth I am calling Everyday Lake Worth.  If you read all the way through thanks for hanging in there.  until next time...

Keep Makin' Art!



Carl Stoveland Photo and Art
I understand both sides of the issue and I understand the frustration of painters who see their space in the art world changing. As a photographer I have had to endure the explosion of photography by digital cameras and phones. The only choice was to be the best photographer I could possibly and find my particular niche. My post is about me not being apologetic about producing beautiful new work that matters to me. After all I am the only critique of my own work that matters. I'm ok with not pleasing everyone. It's an impossible task anyway.
Totally understand the blow back. As a calligrapher and earning a living from it. Then came these great fonts that could do the wedding invitations as well. Well not really. As the beauty is in the thick and thin strokes of a quill. So a painter should always understand what she can accomplish is quite different from your type of skill.
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