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Jazz on J Street

November 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Photos from Jazz on J Street

One of the ways to really sharpen your composition and focusing skills is to shoot live music.  On the 3rd Tuesday of each month I do exactly that at Jazz on J Street hosted by the Clay, Metal, Glass, Stone Gallery on J Street in Lake Worth.  You hear great music in an environment that embraces all art.  It is a real treat.  I recommend it if you are any kind of music fan.  This is where pros come to play for fun!  So mark your calendar and head to Lake Worth on the 3rd Tuesday you will not be disappointed.  

Also... In January be on the look out for an amazing art show called the Art of Jazz on J Street.  I will be a part of this show.  I have six really great pieces to share in the show from my recent digital painting work that I have sequestered and am keeping off of social media until the big show... So you'll just have to make your way to Lake Worth to see it.

Happy Thanksgiving and Keep Making' Art!



PS - I will try to post if I get the chance but Thanksgiving is for family and friends so forgive me if I don't have the chance to post and you'll see me back at it next week!



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