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If You Can Dodge a Wrench You Can Dodge a Ball!

November 20, 2017  •  3 Comments

Babar Little Free Library

Acrylic House Paint - 2017

The title of this post comes from the very silly movie ‘Dodgeball’  I’m not sure why the phrase stuck with me but it made me laugh.  What does it have to do with my art you ask?  It is a reminder that inspiration can come from just about anywhere.  Case in point, after successfully painting our Dr Seuss Little Free Library last year I volunteered to paint the Babar one you see here.  I had avoided branching out from watercolors to acrylics because of some unhappy experiments with acrylic and fighting it’s ridiculously fast drying times.  As I worked happily away on Babar and being thrilled with the results I realized Duh! This is acrylic paint.  That lead to me starting to paint acrylics which led to the storm of creativity I am in the middle of with digital paintings.  If you can paint a library you can paint acrylics.  I have gotten so much more from being a little free library steward than I ever could have guessed.  So the moral of my little story is inspiration can strike from just about anywhere at any time.  My best advice about inspiration is you can’t force it.  In fact it is just the opposite, so if inspiration strikes take advantage of it because it’s a gift from the universe.

Inspiration has led me to decide to split my time between art and work.  I have just signed up for a project management certificate course through Cornell University and look forward to starting to work again and get the energy and inspiration that can come from that.  I will in no way slow down my art projects.  In fact I hope to have an announcement about a solo show just after Thanksgiving.  So keep watching this space as my blog will return to its original theme of balancing work, life and art!  Everything comes full circle.  It’s one of the things I like best about life.

Keep Makin’ Art!




Mary Lindsey(non-registered)
My very unscientific take on inspiration is that like unlike lightning which is highly charged, dangerous and rarely survivable when it (also rarely) strikes people, inspiration permeates our world like ubiquitous neutrinos, constantly passing through us, leaving infinite and infinitesimal traces of excited energy that arc into art only when they brush up against an artist's soul. You, Mr. Stoveland, can't ever dodge inspiration. Keep makin' art Carl!
Carl Stoveland Photo and Art
Thanks Jessica. I am really enjoying blogging again.
Jessica Rucker(non-registered)
Well, your inspirations are a gift to us all! Thank
You for sharing your creativity and experiences with the world!
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