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Giving myself a project

November 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

White Barn - Lima NY

I have wandered around Monroe, Livingston and a bit of Ontario Counties over the last couple of days with my camera.  Mostly, I have taken reference photos of old barns for future projects.  Sadly one of the old barns I shot in Avon NY in 2015 is now a pile of rubble.  Time and tides wait for no man as the saying goes.  NY’s finger lakes is some of the prettiest country I have ever scene and enjoy returning here every few years to wander whether it is to shoot barns or waterfalls or just enjoy a ride.

I have given myself a project to be done in the next week.  I am going to review the images I just shot and pick one barn.  I will edit the photo, do a digital painting, a watercolor and an acrylic painting of the scene and share each of them with you at the end of the week in one post.  I’ll show progress of each in a post of its own as I work my way through the week.

This will be a fun and interesting project for me I enjoy each of these artistic mediums in their own way and it will be interesting to try to capture the same scene in all for mediums.  I wonder which will be the biggest challenge and which will be the most satisfying for me?  I hope you will follow along and let me know what you think.

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