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Big things are afoot.

November 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Jennifer Chapparo at her spot at 612 Lucerne Ave

Eduardo Kobra working at the Cultural Council

Sipros' dynamic mural in progress at Lake Worth Beach

Hi Friends,

This week after Thanksgiving has been full of action on a global, local and personal scale.  Starting with the global in the local.  Canvas, the international outdoor museum show is in full swing with artists from around the world painting murals and outdoor art all over the city.  There is a flurry of activity with the artists and gawkers interacting.  One of my favorites is Eduardo Kobra  whose work always knocks me out when I see it.  I'll be wandering into town with my camera to check on the art and artists later this morning.  I will do a full post about CanvasLW tomorrow.  Little Lake Worth is starting to shine on the world art stage!

Now on to personal!  I had a meeting yesterday with the folks at the Hatch 1121 which is the gallery, display space of the Lake Worth CRA and LULA (Lake Worth Arts).  They recently moved into this space from a smaller location on J Street.  I will be having two solo shows at 'Hatch 1121'.  The first will be in July of 2018 and will be the show that culminates my 18 month IAMLAKEWORTH project which has been a labor of love for me since moving to Lake Worth and starting to meet the people of this great little city by the sea.  The second show will be the first of the 2018 winter season in November and will be a collection of my digital paintings of people and places in Lake Worth I have been working on for the last couple of months.  This show will be tentatively called 'Everyday Lake Worth'.  I will have more details as we get closer to the shows.  I am still shooting images for IAMLAKEWORTH and want to capture as many people as I can so if you would like to have your photo in the project contact me and we will set it up.

There are several other things in the works that I will talk about when I can.  What do I owe this current flurry of activity and interest in my art to you ask?  Well I will tell you.  I went to a panel discussion in Fort Lauderdale at Art Serve a few weeks ago.  The topic was marketing and branding your art.  If we are being honest and we are since we are all friends here! Branding and marketing myself terrify me.  Funny problem to have since my lovely wife Wendy is a marketing pro, but there you have it.  The speakers were Jim Hammond, Tabitha Mudra and my fabulous friend Jen Walls.  All three said many of the same things just slightly different as presented from the singular lenses of their life story and work.  The key two takeaways for me were one I had heard and ignored before which is to be a professional artist and earn a living at it you only spend 20% of your time making art, the other 80% is spent on business and marketing.  This used to terrify me and would send me into a mode of 100% creation and 0% marketing.  This is great fun for me, but bad for business and a quick way to turn your business into a hobby.  Now here is the bit that changed things.... Jen Walls was the first speaker so I heard this from her, but all three of the speakers said some version of it.  If you are afraid or baffled by marketing and branding your art.  Remember this... you are your art! and then replace marketing and branding with the phrase 'telling your story'.  So the key is to tell your story to as many people as possible.  People associate you with your art and they want to know about you.  It is much easier to sell work to a fan and existing client than to create new ones.  It was really like I was hit by lightning.  I have taken these simple concepts to heart.  I think I knew this back in New York when I had Gallery Meraki, but I needed to hear it again and also to remember that I have to keep at telling my story everyday.  The followers and friends will follow, just keep telling your story.  The other aspect and this is just logical.  Is be your authentic self. Let your passion for your art and what drives you shine through.  Your art fans and followers want to know the real you.  So that is what I have been doing and I find myself re-inspired and re-energized!  

Keep Makin' Art!



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