Recently I was wandering around Lake Worth with one of my old 120mm film cameras when I had the chance to strike up a conversation and take a few photos of this gentleman.  I decided to start a series called faces on Lake Avenue.  I would randomly meet people and engage them and ask to take their photo.  the original purpose was for me to have fun, meet people and keep my film shooting skills sharp.  Over the last few weeks this idea has transformed into a project I will do for the entire year of 2017.  It will be called I AM LAKE WORTH.  The Idea is I will photograph  and do a little interview with anyone and everyone I meet who lives or works in Lake Worth.  I want to show this great, funky diverse town from all angles to show even though we have many differences at the heart of it all we are one community.  At the end of the project I will find a place to display the photos and perhaps produce a book of the photos and the making of them.  I will from time to time update this page with a few of my subjects.  Not too many though... I do not want to show the whole project before it is done.  I am currently taking some test shots to be able to explain the project be fore it officially gets started on 1/1/17.  There have already been some changes to my approach to this project.  I will be shooting it on a variety of cameras from my IPhone to my Pentax 67 with its giant 2.25x 2.75 inch negatives  I will shoot some subjects in color and others in B&W just as there are a variety of people in this project so I will use the camera that best expresses that individual.


My thanks to Jake Milman for posing for me and helping me realize I should not limit this project to B&W.  I will use color and B&W (film and digital) based on what helps tell the individual's story best for the project.

If you live,work or play in Lake Worth and would not mind giving up 15 minutes of your time to be part of this project contact me by email at carl@carlstovelandphotography.com