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I am a few months into my IAMLAKEWORTH project.  As is common with any project lasting a year other things took priority for the past few weeks.  I plan to ramp up shooting again this week with people who have already volunteered and some man in the street stuff around last week.  I have made progress on the front of narrowing down what I plan to shoot the project on.  From the standpoint of digital it has been locked in since day 1. I am using my Fuji x100S camera.  It is small and light and packs the same punch as my Canon DSLR.  I have also wanted to shoot the project on film and tried a bunch of cameras before I settled on two.  For 35mm I am shooting my beloved Konica TC I have had since high school.  The lenses are fast and fantastic and I love shooting it.  I also picked a medium format camera.  I chose the Pentax 645N 120 camera.  Each negative is 2.25x 1.75" and produces wonderful scans of the negatives.  It won out its spot for 3 reasons.  It makes sense in my hands.  All of the control dials are in the right place and easy for me to adjust.  It is autofocus which I find I need more and more and the camera prints all the shooting data on the side of the negative outside of the image area.  I tested this camera at the St Patty's Day and Pride Day parades and it did a great job.  With my film cameras decided on I turned to film and did some testing.  For color the Kodak Portra 400 and 800 films deliver brilliant skin tones and color rendition.  For B&W I chose the HP5 400 film from Ilford.  I have been a fan of this film for years and enjoy shooting it.  I recently added 1 film to this lineup and am planning shoots with it now.  That film is the CineStill 800T.  It is a high speed tungsten color balanced film that will be great for available light shots around town.  It is based on the Kodak vision 3 motion picture film and has been modified to work in standard color c41 processing.  You will see the results of the first shoots with this film in the next couple of weeks.


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