The paintings of Winston Churchill at the Society of the Four Arts - Palm Beach

December 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

AT the Society of the Four Arts - Digital Painting

Yesterday we took a ride to the Society of the Four Arts  on Palm Beach to see the show of paintings of Winston Churchill.  If you have the chance to get to see the show go see it!  Make no bones about it the man could paint.  He made over 500 paintings in his life and all were very good some were superb!  He painted what he saw around him at his home in the gardens and when he travelled.  I felt a connection to Churchill as well because on the walls above the paintings were some of his famous quotes.  Here is one that I read and thought it could easily have been said about me.

“Personally, I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.”

That is a side of me every one of my teachers, Wendy and my parents will agree is a part of my personality!

What made the paintings particularly good is that they were by a man who wrote 50 books and led England through World War II.  It is a good reminder that none of is just one thing be it artist, parent, etc. etc. and we are not defined by one thing.  In fact the more things were are in engaged in the better we are at all the other things we do.

Today I need to send the label info off for the Art of Jazz on J Show, spending a few hours on school work and then will be meeting up with the Thursday Night Peddlers if it is not raining.

Keep Makin' Art!




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