Still Life Photography with Available Light

March 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Still Life with Lemon and Limes A Boy's Treasures 1953A collection of items that might be found in a young boy's room in 1953. All items come from my collection and some were handed down by my dad and my Father-in-Law.

It has been a busy week here in my studio at Gallery Meraki.  I have been diving into doing still life photos using available light from from the 60" wide north light window we have here in the gallery.  It is an incredibly easy setup to use.  No special lighting equipment needed.  For all of these shots I had a simple piece of black belt hanging a few feet behind the objects I was shooting and a second on the table I had items on for shooting. The window was to the right of the subjects and if the left side got too dark (most of the time) I used a big reflector that is white one one side and silver on the other, but you can easily get away with a couple of pieces of foam core from the art store for about $3.  Thats it!  The results are beautiful and what I found was I could really think about the composition instead of light ratios and which modifiers to use when.  I don't plan to abandon studio lights by any means but for the right subjects or the right portrait I will use natural light.  Below is a diagram of this lighting setup that would be easy to add to your photographic toolkit.

I will be announcing a workshop soon for folks who want to learn how to take beautiful photographs like these with just a simple window and a reflector.  If you are interested contact me at


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