Carl Stoveland Photography: Blog en-us (C) Carl Stoveland Photography (Carl Stoveland Photography) Sun, 09 Apr 2017 14:56:00 GMT Sun, 09 Apr 2017 14:56:00 GMT Carl Stoveland Photography: Blog 80 120 IAMLAKEWORTH Project Update I am a few months into my IAMLAKEWORTH project.  As is common with any project lasting a year other things took priority for the past few weeks.  I plan to ramp up shooting again this week with people who have already volunteered and some man in the street stuff around last week.  I have made progress on the front of narrowing down what I plan to shoot the project on.  From the standpoint of digital it has been locked in since day 1. I am using my Fuji x100S camera.  It is small and light and packs the same punch as my Canon DSLR.  I have also wanted to shoot the project on film and tried a bunch of cameras before I settled on two.  For 35mm I am shooting my beloved Konica TC I have had since high school.  The lenses are fast and fantastic and I love shooting it.  I also picked a medium format camera.  I chose the Pentax 645N 120 camera.  Each negative is 2.25x 1.75" and produces wonderful scans of the negatives.  It won out its spot for 3 reasons.  It makes sense in my hands.  All of the control dials are in the right place and easy for me to adjust.  It is autofocus which I find I need more and more and the camera prints all the shooting data on the side of the negative outside of the image area.  I tested this camera at the St Patty's Day and Pride Day parades and it did a great job.  With my film cameras decided on I turned to film and did some testing.  For color the Kodak Portra 400 and 800 films deliver brilliant skin tones and color rendition.  For B&W I chose the HP5 400 film from Ilford.  I have been a fan of this film for years and enjoy shooting it.  I recently added 1 film to this lineup and am planning shoots with it now.  That film is the CineStill 800T.  It is a high speed tungsten color balanced film that will be great for available light shots around town.  It is based on the Kodak vision 3 motion picture film and has been modified to work in standard color c41 processing.  You will see the results of the first shoots with this film in the next couple of weeks.

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I AM LAKE Worth 2/1/17

Here we have some of the first folks who volunteered to be part of IAMLAKEWORTH! We are just a few weeks into the project and I am having a blast meeting new people here in my adopted home town of Lake Worth, Florida.  This funky, charming and diverse town is the perfect subject for a project that shows strength in diversity and the more different we are the more we really are the same.  In the last couple of weeks this project has taken on more and more importance to me, as I watch how our divided our nation is I want to convey even through our differences we are united in caring about our town and everyone that lives here.

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I am Lake Worth 01-08-2017 This week on I am Lake worth I took a trip to the Gray Mockingbird Community Garden.  I spent some time with the Garden's director, Brian Kirsch getting to see what the place was all about.  Then I followed Brian around as he gave a tour to a group of young people from a leadership class who were learning where our food comes from and how it gets to our store.  It was great to see the kids engaged and asking questions.  Thank you Brian for what you do for our community.

Brian showing kids around the garden


This week I will spend my time booking shoots with a few people who have already agreed to be in I Am Lake Worth, scouting locations, developing film from three shoots and man in the street style shoots around Lake Worth.  The project is off and running to a great start already.

one of the digital shots of Brian from the visit.




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I Am Lake Worth 01-02-2017 Well 2017 is officially here.  So this is the first 'official' Monday I Am Lake Worth blog post.  As I said last week I will post some news or info about the project each Monday.  Today I will share a few of the first test images from the project.  This batch has all been shot on medium format (120) film cameras loaded with Ilford HP5+ film which is a fast, but not too grainy B&W film.  I am trying to shoot 5 people a week to get to my goal of 250 people in the project before I edited it down to the best 50 or so images.  I figure roughly half of those will be shot on either 120 or 35mm film.  For my test shots in December I shot on both film as well as digital.  I will share here a few of the film shots.  I am quite pleased with the early results but need to work a bit more on my focus.  I had more out of focus shots than I wanted to start with.  I have reviewed my negatives and think I have the issue sorted out.  The next few shoots will tell me more as I get used to shooting the big film cameras again.  The surprise dark horse of the medium format cameras was the Yashica twin lens camera.  I never feel certain I have the focus right while shooting through the waist level finder, but all of the images of Jake were tack sharp.  I do really like that this camera shoots square negatives.  It is fun sometimes to compose portraits in the square format.  I will use this camera again in the project.

Jake  - Yashicamat 124G camera

The camera I expected to do best with was the Pentax 67II camera which shoots giant 6x7cm negatives and is well known for the quality of it's lenses.  I struggled with sharpness a bit with the few rolls I shot with it.  I think that was more a matter of slow shutter speed and depth of field.  I will make some adjustments and keep trying as the shots that were sharp with this camera are just amazing.  Here are two samples of shots from the 67II.

Ellen - Pentax 67II camera

Katy - Pentax 67II camera

The last 120 camera I shot with is also a Pentax, but is the 645 camera.  It still uses 120 film but in the smaller 6x4.5cm format.  The negative is still quite a bit larger than 35 mm negatives.  The camera is lighter than the 67II camera and took some great shots as well.  I plan to shoot each of these cameras again the next few weeks along with the Konica TC 35mm I mentioned last week.  I should know pretty quickly which will be my go to medium format camera for the project.  In the end I will pick the camera that takes the best photos and helps the project.

Constantin and Alina - Pentax 645 camera

I really like the idea of a long term project and am excited to do something that will show off Lake Worth and it's people in a great light.  So check out my blog each Monday to see what's new with project and to get sneak peaks of some of the images.  I'm really interested to see how much of the project ends up on film vs. digital and B&W vs. color.


I Am Lake Worth!


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2017 Project - 'I AM LAKE WORTH' What a year 2016 has been.  Little did we know when it started that by the end of 2016 Wendy would have a new job and I would have closed Gallery Meraki so that we could move to Lake Worth, Florida for Wendy's job in Palm Beach.  We made the move and jumped into life in Florida with both feet.  I have become very involved in town with our neighborhood association, the Thursday night bike club, Little Free Libraries etc.  Shortly after arriving in Lake Worth a joined Social House, a co-working space for creatives which has an awesome natural light studio available to members.  I have started building up my business here and also wanted to find a project that could help me stretch my skills, become better known in town and give back a little.  I came up with 'I AM LAKE WORTH'.  I will spend 2017 photographing people who live, work and play in Lake Worth and ask them all a question about :make Worth.

It is a great way for me to become known in town and do a project that can be used to put together a show to promote Lake Worth.  I will document the project with a weekly update here on the blog and have a page on my website about the project/  Click here to go to the page about the project.

My weekly updates will include a few out-take photos and stories about the projects progress.  I wanted to stretch and refine my street photography skills in this project so I will be shooting on a variety of camera formats both in film and digital, color and black & white.  I will speak about the gear I use here in the blog posts as well.  One of the cameras I decided to use takes me all the way back to the serious beginnings of photography for me.  My first real SLR camera the Konica TC.

Konica TC 35mm

It was my Christmas present from my parents 1982.  My mom did her research when she picked out this camera.  I remember wanting the Canon AE-1.  While Konica was never the biggest player in the US 35mm SLR market this camera is a tank with great glass!  It came with super sharp 40mm f 1.8 lens.  It had a metal focal plane shutter and was all mechanical which means you can still shoot even without batteries.  This was the camera I used in high school, college and beyond.  It  was relegated to a secondary roll when I started shooting Canon autofocus cameras, but even then I shot my infrared B&W on this camera.  The Konica lenses of the time were really sharp and fast and are still sought after today to be used on modern mirrorless cameras.  I will be shooting with the 50mm f 1.7 and the 85mm f1.8 lenses for the I am Lake Worth project.  It seems right that my first camera will be part of this project.  I will share some of the shots I get with this camera in a later blog post.

I will be posting news about the project, some photos and stories of some of my subjects here in new posts each Monday as the project continues through all of 2017.  Next week a sneak look at a few of the shots I have already done and a look at the biggest camera I will use in this project.



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Current project I find myself once again having to promise I will be better about posting here on the Artistic Balance Blog....

It has been a while.  In my defense it took longer to recover from two detached retina surgeries than I thought I would.  This current project came out of that recovery.  As sort of a challenge to see if I could still use manual a focus camera.  I chose my Pentax 6x7 and my Mamiya 6x4.5 cameras to see if I was up to the challenge.  The detachment was not in my focusing eye, but still having one eye blurry all the time affects a lot of things.  My depth perception is a good example of that.  I was not the most graceful guy around before but nowadays I'm downright awkward...  

Anyway back to my project.  I decided I wanted to do women's portraits on film using only natural light.  Along the way I remembered why I liked shooting big film cameras so much and have been missing something since switching to digital.  The deliberate pace of film has made me a better photographer I think.  I am much more careful with planning and am deliberated and almost economical in my shooting.  Getting only 10 shots per roll on 6x7 and 15 shots per roll on 645 will do that to you.  I have decided to continue shooting some of my portrait and street photography on film. It is a new reality waiting for film to be developed.  It is about a week from when I shoot to when I get the email from the lab with the scans and the actual film a few days after that.  Below are a few samples of some of the portrait work I am shooting on 120 film.

This is shot of Julie is from the first round of test shots I took.  It took me a couple a tests to get used to the incredibly narrow depth of field on the medium format portrait lens.  As long as the eyes are sharp  the rest melting out of focus looks great.

This shot of Patty is from the same day I photographed Julie.  I used the Pentax 6x7 camera with a 105mm f 2.4 lens for this image.


This image of Tracy was taken after I had a chance to review the first shoot.  Again available light this time the main light was bounced in from camera right and bounced again off of a reflector on the left.  The light is incredibly soft and pleasing,  

At this point I started to gain confidence in my film shooting and made one last lens change to a 200mm f4 for my next shoot with Maris which I will share in the next post.  After the initial panic of not seeing the photo in the back of the camera after each shot I started to engage the sitter more and making a real connection you can see in the photo.  I also became more aware of posing and started to work on that.  You start to think of these things when the cost of a r oll of film, developing and scanning gets close to $40.  Suddenly you want to make each image count.  It  I think is making me a better photographer.  I was becoming lazy taking hundreds of photos per session and thinking don't worry I'll fix it in editing.  Not anymore.  Get it right in camera.  If you are up for a challenge give shooting a film camera again a try.

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Article about Me! and Artistic Balance. It all started with finally getting my logo done for Artistic Balance.  After checking out the different designers offering logos on the web I opted to go with Deluxe.  These are the design folks that work at Deluxe Corp.  the company that makes checks and forms for business etc.  After an incredibly smooth process to get the exact logo I wanted, but could not come up with after a year of trying.  I was contacted by Julie Gordon who asked if I'd mind being interviewed for an article on Deluxe's small business blog.  I am positively thrilled with how the article turned out.  Click Here to read the full article.  Being interviewed and reading the article has reminded me all over again how much I love what I do and how terribly lucky I am to be able to do what I love.  My advice is if you have a dream chase it!  Don't wait.  Go for it with everything you have!


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Taking Kids Portraits Outside  

As much as I love working in the studio doing kids portraits, there is nothing like getting outside to take there photos.  Here are three tips that will help achieve great results and keep your sanity.  This is for those parents who are into photography and want to take pictures of their kids.  If this terrifies you then no worries contact me and I'll do great portraits for you, but for those brave enough to try here are some ideas to make it easier and give you a higher chance of being successful.

  1. Make it fun!!  Make it an adventure.  I like to tell stories while I'm taking kids pictures and let them look in the back of the camera once in a while.  Have a theme and some props.  In the case of the recent session shown above I brought a crate of items I had collected that fit our theme for the morning of old fashioned play.  There were many hats and props to chose from and I let the boys pick them out.  I am a planner by nature, but have learned to go with the flow once we start the session.  Keeping the kids engaged and having fun is a sure fire way to get them to pose for more time and smile more often increasing your chances of getting the shot you are trying to get.
  2. Another thing I do to increase the likelihood of success is know what the conditions are at the site I choose at the time of day I will be there.  Picking the perfect spot but not taking into account what the light will be like can make your shoot go from easy to very difficult.  Look for a spot you like with soft light and open shade.  Ideally you want to let the kids be themselves and have room to play so you can catch that perfect moment.  In this case I chose a part of the old factory complex where my gallery is located.  I love the texture of the old brick walls and there are sections in the morning that have a soft glowing light.  What you don't want is harsh light where you have to fight for the perfect spot and can't move around.  Give the kids room to move in spot where you don't have to worry too much if you don't change your camera settings.  
  3. Bring help!  Ask a friend to assist you to help carry the props and keep an eye on things.  This is crucial when shooting more than one child.  You do not want to be distracted by other things or where you left your camera bag while you are trying to get that once in a lifetime shot.

Photographing kids can be tough work, but it can be rewarding if you have the patience.  My advice boils down to do everything you can to make it easy for yourself and fun for the kids.  If this does not sound like your particular cup of tea, but you'd really like some special photographic memories of your kids at this age no fear.  Contact me and we can come up with an idea for photos you will treasure for a lifetime.  To contact me to arrange a portrait session call me at 845-499-0178 or email me.  You can see more of my work at my website

Happy Shooting!

Carl Stoveland

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Advice I wish I had gotten when I was starting out. This is a re-print from a post I did on LinkedIn this past April and thought it should have been posted here as well.  What is the advice you got and wish you had listen too or did not get and wished you had earlier in your career.

That title may not be correct. I may have gotten the advice and not been ready to hear it. What has me philosophical today you ask? I had a conversation with a photography student who is studying in London last week. She (Jazz) is the sister of the young woman I was photographing in the Leake Street Tunnel and agreed to act as my lighting assistant. We started chatting and I expected it to be the normal conversation I have with photographers i.e. what camera do you shoot, what lenses yadda, yadda. but instead it turned into a conversation I wish I had back when I was that age. Maybe it would not have taken me 30 years to get where I am if this message had sunk in. She does get all A's (I believe her sister called it top marks when she bragging on her during the shoot), but is frustrated by people and teachers trying to get her to change what she photographs. It is with the best of intentions that people try to help you get, what they think is better at what you are doing. It can do unintended damage. I always found myself trying to smooth myself out and to be more acceptable as a result I think I took boring photos. It took me thirty years to realize I was not being selfish when I shot what I wanted in the way I wanted. The creative spark is like a candle that can easily be blown out. The advice I gave that I wish I had heard was pretty straight forward. Do it your own way listen to your voice. I believe firmly art made from the place of pure creativity and inspiration will always find an audience. Anyone can learn the technical skills inspiration and having a voice is a whole different ballgame and will get you noticed. I also told her to be open to feedback at portfolio reviews. You can not grow from a defensive place. Art is SOOOO subjective listen to the advice and criticism. Take from it the bits that help you reach your vision, shed the rest and don't let them linger and turn into doubts. I think Jazz will be fine and I am looking forward to following her career. I think with her blue hair and sassy attitude she already knew what I was telling her or it was just the blathering of a middle-aged photographer and she discarded it and moved on. We owe it to the next generation who are figuring out how to make a career in a changing new landscape of photography to give them our best advice and then watch them do their own thing their own way.

What advice do you wish you could give to your 25 year old self?

Carl Stoveland

Artistic Balance Photography

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Getting into the routine My blogging has definitely stalled since I moved it from Blogger to my website.  I want to get back on track, so now that I am back to work after my detached retina.  I will be posting a few times a week with new work, thoughts on the journey of starting this business and tech tips for those interested in that sort of thing.  Today's post will be new images from 4 different shoots I did this weekend.


Friday night I did a portrait shoot with Maris for my mask series.  When we finished that we did some portraits using the white brick wall at the studio as a background.

Next up I shot this awesome brother and sister team Saturday morning.  I had a blast taking their photos.


Next up was Billie.  She posed in costume as 2D from the band Gorillaz.  I did this shoot in Infrared and then added color back in to give the photo a pop / comic feel to it.


Finally Sunday morning I got to shoot this little one.  She was so much fun!  we got so many great shots.


These are my first four shoots since my detached retina surgery.  the vision in my left eye may not be 100% yet, but my photography is A-OK!  That is quite a relief.  I look forward to the remainder of the summer and the fall being full of awesome shoots. 

Contact me today to schedule your portrait session.  There is still time to do it before the kids go back to school!


Keep Makin' Art!


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Infrared Portraits Hello Friends-

I am on the mend after surgery for a detached retina and thought I would take a few minutes to share some new work (since I am not shooting while I am recovering).  Infrared photography has always been an interest of mine ever since I shot my first roll in high school, far too many years ago to reveal.  Recently I have been working with a model and shooting portraits out in great landscape settings using a digital camera converted to shoot in the Infrared spectrum ~ 720nm wavelength.  Enjoy the photos!  More to come next week when i am cleared to drive again.  I am considering doing a series at Bethesda Arcade in Central park.  The model for this series is Maris Nunes.

Maris - InfraredMaris - InfraredModel - Maris Nunes Maris - InfraredMaris - InfraredModel - Maris Nunes

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Spring Inventory Clearance Sale at Gallery Meraki Temperatures are rising in the Hudson valley.  The snow has melted and people are started to come out of their winter hibernations!  Spring the time of rebirth in nature is here.  In honor of that we at Gallery Meraki are shedding our old work from previous shows to make room on the gallery walls for all the great new work we have been shooting.  So for fans of our photography this weekend is your lucky weekend.  We are having a giant sale on our older pieces to make room for a show of new work.  Everything in the gallery will be at least 10% off with some pieces discounted as much as 70 percent.  So if you have always wanted one of our prints for your home or office Come to the gallery this weekend and select from the great work we are selling.  We are going all out and take images out of storage for this three day only sale.

Prep for spring salePrep for spring clearance sale

busy week art Gallery Meraki getting ready for the big sale!


Join us for the big sale event:

Friday April 10th to Sunday April 12th

11am to 7pm

at Gallery Meraki

55 West Railroad Ave

Building 24 

Studio D (Second Floor)

Garnerville, NY



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London I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to London last week and really made the most of it.  Not only did I get a lot of new images for the gallery and stock photography, but I also did a portrait shoot and made some connections for future projects.  Here is a link to the gallery of London images from this trip and one I took in 2013 enjoy!  Here are a couple of images from my trip and a few from the portrait shoot I did in the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel with the very talented trumpeter Sophia Marie S.

LondonLondon LondonLondon LondonLondon

Keep Makin' Art!


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Still Life Photography with Available Light Still Life with Lemon and Limes A Boy's Treasures 1953A collection of items that might be found in a young boy's room in 1953. All items come from my collection and some were handed down by my dad and my Father-in-Law.

It has been a busy week here in my studio at Gallery Meraki.  I have been diving into doing still life photos using available light from from the 60" wide north light window we have here in the gallery.  It is an incredibly easy setup to use.  No special lighting equipment needed.  For all of these shots I had a simple piece of black belt hanging a few feet behind the objects I was shooting and a second on the table I had items on for shooting. The window was to the right of the subjects and if the left side got too dark (most of the time) I used a big reflector that is white one one side and silver on the other, but you can easily get away with a couple of pieces of foam core from the art store for about $3.  Thats it!  The results are beautiful and what I found was I could really think about the composition instead of light ratios and which modifiers to use when.  I don't plan to abandon studio lights by any means but for the right subjects or the right portrait I will use natural light.  Below is a diagram of this lighting setup that would be easy to add to your photographic toolkit.

I will be announcing a workshop soon for folks who want to learn how to take beautiful photographs like these with just a simple window and a reflector.  If you are interested contact me at


Keep Makin' Art!


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Newborn Portraits - Ariana OK.  So enough about my watercolors for now!  After all this is the blog for Artistic Balance Photography right?  Well Yes, but It is also about keeping balance in my work / art / life so I will from time to time do posts about anything I am passionate about or interested in.  My current photo project is a portrait series called "What's behind your mask?" which I will do a post about soon.  Today I wanted to post photos from a newborn shoot I did last week of beautiful little Ariana.  This was my first foray into newborn portraits.  Ariana was only two weeks old when I took these on Friday.  Most of my baby portraits have always been in the six to twelve month stage.  I am thrilled with how these portraits turned out and am looking forward to doing many more newborn sessions.  If you are interested in have a family or childrens portraits done please contact me at

Keep Makin' Art!


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Creativity everywhere I look. Here is another new painting.  This time I chose the Duomo in Florence as my subject.  It is 12x18 inches on Arches Cold Press paper.  I have been working on a new photography project as well.  It is a a portrait series called "what's behind your mask?'  I am very excited about it and will post some sample in the next few days.  In the meantime....

Keep Makin' Art!



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Off and running in 2015  

I am taking advantage of a quiet couple of days to follow my other artistic passion painting.  This is one of the anemones I photographed before Christmas in the studio.  It is on 140b Arches cold press paper painted with American journey watercolors (from Cheap Joe's).  It has been a few years since I have done any serious painting.  I am quite thrilled with how this one turned out and will be looking for more subjects to paint.  I may even work in acrylics and oils in 2015.  All three of us (Julie, Mike and Myself) at Gallery Meraki are painters as well as photographers.  We may have to talk about doing a painting show or a mixed photo / painting show.


Keep Makin' Art! and have a happy 2015!


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Natural light for portraits and still life photos Somewhere along the way in my photographic education I decided that studio portraits and still-life photos had to use studio lighting to be professional.  In all honesty this thought was bit snobby on my part.  Recently I watched my niece Jessica shoot an entire season of family and holiday portraits almost entirely with natural light and reflectors.  You can see some of her work on her website at  Next I watched Julie Scholz one of my partners at Gallery Meraki shoot the most amazing floral photos using nothing but the big window in the studio and a reflector!  I set out to re-learn the art of natural light photography.  I don't know why I thought this was not a valid way to shoot.  I use it all the time in my landscape photography. Ultimately using a big window provides a large, soft, directional quality of light which is exactly what I try to recreate in the studio with my lights.  What are the pros and cons of shooting this way.  The big pro is a more relaxed subject!  Without all the lights popping for each shot.  The subject is more at ease and I am free to really be in the moment to get the photo.  The big con is windows just do not put out as much light as studio lights so you have to work at higher ISOs and shoot with the lens more open.  This can be a bit of a high wire act when it comes to sharpness but ultimately it is worth it.  I do not plan to do all of my work in natural light, but adding it back to my bag of tricks makes me a more complete photographer.  Below are a few samples of natural light work I have done in the studio.

This little sweetie wandered into the gallery Tu-Tu and all.  She is the daughter of my friend Shany, who owns the Design Co. across the hall from Gallery Meraki.  I just knew I had to photograph her and did not have time to set up lights.  Setup was window light on the right with a big white reflector on the left and a simple black background.

Julie Scholz ordered a batch of Anemones to photograph.  She does the most amazing photographs of flowers in the studio.  These are my attempts using window light as the light source.

Little kids are great to shoot by window light because you don't need to wait for lights to recycle you can keep snapping away as their expressions change and they are not distracted by all the lights.


If you would like to learn to make better portraits at home by window light and simple studio light setups we are having a workshop at Gallery Meraki on January 10th.  Contact me for more details at 845-499-0178 or

Keep Makin' Art!


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New work and a sale at my gallery... I am trying to keep up with my posting here at Artistic Balance.  The good news is I am busy with my camera and Gallery Meraki.  Below are some recent photographs.  These and others can be found at the  Gallery Meraki Website where we are running a framed print sale for the month of November.  Check it out.  You can find that perfect holiday gift or a gift for yourself.

Keep Makin' Art!

Cranberry Bog - Marshfield Ma.

Autumn Leaf and Running Water

Goosepond Mountain State Park / Infrared B&W

Sunrise Sesuit Creek / Cape Cod
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Fall Workshop Prep

This collection of images was taken this week in preparation for a fall photography workshop I am teaching with Julie Sholz on Saturday.  The students are in for a real treat.  The locations are perfect and conditions look really good.  They shoot get some amazing photos.  I'll post some here on Sunday.

Keep Makin' Art!

]]> (Carl Stoveland Photography) Fall Indian Brook. Minisceongo creek waterfalls Workshop Sat, 18 Oct 2014 05:00:00 GMT