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Another sponsor and some great Lake Worth synergy

June 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

How do you take the opening of IAMLAKEWORTH at Hatch1121 with music by Jazz on J Street Trio and make it even better and even more Lake Worth?  That's where our friends at Mathews Brewing Co. come in.  They have agreed to join in the fun sponsoring the opening reception and providing a keg of L-Dub Tropical Ale.  Art, great music and great beer.  I ask you what could be better?  Remember to mark your calendars for Friday July 6th from 6-8:30 pm for the opening of my IAMLAKEWORTH photo Exhibit at HATCH1121.

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Did you ever notice?

June 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Last night at Jazz on J Street, Lake Worth


Question for my artist friends out there... Did you ever notice the closer you get to hanging a new show the better your new work gets?  This is something that happens over and over.  I have had the images for IAMLAKEWORTH more or less locked in for a month now.  Last night I went to Jazz on J Street like I do every time I'm in town on a 3rd Tuesday.  I decided to go out of my normal shooting style and go for a more fast candid approach.  It really pushes the limits of the camera considering the light in the room and the chance to have blurred shots of the people who move around while they play.  The pay off was some of my best Jazz on J shots yet.  So now I'm thinking about adding a few more photos to the show.  I'm not complaining mind you its a great problem to have.  It just seems that when I am dialed in working on a show my shooting goes up another notch.  Who knows why.  I do not question the muse or assume I can control it.  I was just wondering if you have experienced this?

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Interview Series - Quick the Poet

June 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Jerris 'Quick the Poet' Evans


I am incredibly excited to be having an interview series as part of the IAMLAKEWORTH exhibit.  Kicking off the series will be Jerris 'Quick the Poet' Evans.  I first saw Quick at the 'Utterance' spoken word open mic night at Common Grounds Coffee House in Lake Worth.  He was the featured artist that night.  I had wandered in to take some photos of the poets doing their thing.  Sitting in the back I was blown away.  I have seen Jerris perform a few times now and had the same experience each time,  I sat there with my camera idle in my lap while I was caught up in the story he was telling.  It was raw, powerful and determined and yet it was hopeful and joyous.  I knew then and there I wanted to work with this man in some way.  I reached out after we connected when I posted some photos from the evening on Facebook.  We agreed to meet at the historic Bamboo Room and do some headshots and social media shots.  Out of that first session I got this portrait.  It is probably my favorite portrait I have ever taken.  Quick is in the IAMLAKEWORTH exhibit since he fits my requirements of being someone who lives, works or plays in Lake Worth.  As much as I like this shot It is more stylized and set up than the person in the street style the rest of the exhibit has, not to worry I have picked a great shot from that first night I saw Quick at Common Grounds to use  for IAMLAKEWORTH.

The interview series which I am calling 'Artists Getting Coffee at the Gallery' (with all apologies to Jerry Seinfeld for appropriating his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Idea but let's face it Jerry has more money than God and I'm not taking any money out of his pockets!) Is sponsored by our friends at Common Grounds Coffee and will be held at the IAMLAKEWORTH exhibit at Hatch 1121 (1121 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth) on Wednesday, July 11th from 7-8pm.  join us for what will be a great conversation with one of my favorite South Florida artists.

The series will continue on the next night Thursday the 12th when former XM Radio talk show host,  Blanche Williams will moderate a roundtable of local photographers and the series will conclude with me back at the hosting duties on Tuesday, July 17th to interview the fabulous Jen Jovan Walls, another artist I met in Lake Worth, this time when we were both part of a show at Clay, Glass Metal and Stone Gallery.  Jen's work is whimsical and full of malarkey as she calls it, but also can touch on very serious themes.  The work is both light and complex at the same time.  We will talk about Jen's art and her Journey as an artist.  You won't want to miss any of these great interviews and don't forget there will be great coffee too!

I have to take a moment to thank LULA Lake Worth Arts and HATCH1121 for providing the space and support for my IAMLAKEWORTH project and of course to my friends at Common Grounds for sponsoring the interview series.  Please support this great Lake Worth Local Coffee Bar!  They are truly part of the fabric of Lake Worth and great neighbors in our community!

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18 Days to go

June 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Here we are 18 days to before the opening of IAMLAKEWORTH at HATCH1121.  It is really even less than that as we will be away Friday to Monday night for my Dad's memorial service in NY.  Most things are set in motion and I'll have roughly a week and half to hang the show and the finishing touches on it.

I am just about done shooting the last minute photos so that is one less thing to think about.

I am enjoying the entire process of putting on the exhibit.  one of things I am planning to do is enjoy the time while the show is up.  There are enough events with the opening and the interviews that I should get a chance to talk to a lot of friends and folks I have not connected with yet in Lake Worth.  Everyone has been so supportive of the project from the start.  I really can't wait to for folks to see the whole show put together.

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Benefits of the IAMLAKEWORTH project

June 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

One of the benefits of starting a portrait photo project like IAMLAKEWORTH shortly after moving here has been how quickly I met people in town and how quickly people got to know me.  I love that when I go into town I am guaranteed to see people I know and have conversations with them.  It helped me become part of the community quickly.  Community is what drew us to Lake Worth in the first place when we were planning our move from NY to Palm Beach County and neither of us having any previous experience with the Palm Beach area.  The very first person we had contact with was our realtor Don Todorich who knew what we wanted in a house before we did and was a great pitchman for Lake Worth as we were narrowing down the towns we were interested in.  In reality we liked Lake Worth so much and got its funky spirit so quickly it was the only town we looked in.  The other thing that sealed the deal was seeing the little free libraries all over town painted by the local artists.  We were hooked!  I reached out to Mary Lindsey having found her contact on the LFL Face Book page and had agreed to sponsor an LFL before we even knew where we were going to live.  Mary was an incredible ambassador not just for the LFLs but for Lake Worth.  After our first email exchange she sent me the video of Mel and Vinnie's Feels like home to me, which is the unofficial town anthem and all the info I needed as a newcomer as to where to go and what to see.  Mary is nothing short of amazing, but what amazed me more is how many people I have met that love this place and have the same passion for it as Mary does.  The sense of community and being involved made Lake Worth home for me and was why I was moved to start IAMLAKEWORTH, because it is not like anywhere else I have ever been and it is because of the people that live here.  The IAMLAKEWORTH exhibit will have thirty portraits of Lake Worthians with their thoughts on what makes Lake Worth special.  Out of a town of thirty thousand that is .1% of the population.  There are so many more people who should be part of the project so maybe there are more chapters to come in the IAMLAKEWORTH story.  I will have to give that some thought.  One thing I know is that I have benefited most from this project getting a chance to meet and become friends with these great folks.

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